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The Quarter Mile and The Quarantine

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

So - I ran track in high school and the 400 meter dash was a beast of a race. I didn’t LOVE it.

This quarantine has some similarities to that race.

The initial weeks equated to the first 100 meters. You’re out of the blocks and going strong. Attitudes are good, people are tossing around funny memes, families are spending quality time together.

But then you make it past that first 100 meters and start to feel the burn. Kids are fighting more. Hubs is working from home, and it’s annoying that he puts his phone on speaker when he’s on hold so the entire house is subjected to the elevator music.

Things aren’t as fun, and we look ahead and see that we still have a long way to go. So, just as a good track runner has a strategy, it would be good for us to think things through a bit. I encourage you in some practical ways:

1. Be on your spouse’s side, not against him/her. Intentionally choose kind words.

2. Stay-at-home moms - get a total break where you can and do something pleasurable. Watch mindless tv, read a book outside, eat some doughnuts. (If now isn’t the time to eat a little comfort food I don’t know when the heck is.)

3. Working moms - you gotta give yourself a break each day. Establish when and how and most definitely get out for some fresh air at least once/day.

4. Families - regroup on your family member’s personalities and needs. It’s amazing what happens when our emotional cups are filled. Who needs personalized attention? Verbal affirmation? A fun game?

5. What do YOU need? Look back on the last few weeks and think through what brought joy. ✨Ensure it happens whenever and wherever you can get it.

If we just plan to coast - we will likely not finish well. But if we’re intentional about a few key things we can keep our stride going. 🏃‍♀Sending love to you and your household. 💗


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