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Jump Stop

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

If any of you listen to business podcasts or are on the receiving end of entrepreneurial “anything” you’ve undoubtedly heard the word PIVOT used frequently in the last several weeks.

The idea behind it is encouragement for businesses to make a turn or change the way they're operating - go remote, sell products curbside, etc. Don’t just throw up your arms in response to Covid & declare your ship is going under. Get creative, pivot, take your business in a new direction.

I’ve loved hearing that term. What an excellent analogy. I grew up playing basketball & had just given my 6 & 8 yr. olds a lesson in that concept. I explained how you keep one foot in place while holding the ball & moving the other foot to step in a different direction. It allows you to see what your next opportunity is- who is open, who’s about to get open, what play is about to unfold?

Another basketball fundamental is the jump stop, & quite honestly I feel like that is what just as many people are doing - but in their personal lives. In basketball, this is when you’re on the run and take one final step before landing on both feet simultaneously & staying planted there.

There is plenty to be said for this phrase too. This whole pandemic has caused many of us to jump stop - to pause and just put life on hold for a bit. It’s allowed us to think about things in a fresh way (did you see the large volume of responses on Facebook to my Q about what the quarantine has taught you?) Things like how overscheduled we are and how much we actually needed quality time with loved ones and how gorgeous that one bike path is.

So - I think I want to say kudos to the businesses who did indeed pivot - you made appropriate changes & kept yourself afloat. I’ve loved seeing multiple stories of innovation!

But I’d also like to say kudos to those of you, in your personal lives, who have jump stopped with a reflective heart. I hope you continue to use this time of pause to process important matters.

P.S. I’m as much of a Friends fan as a basketball one, so of course I gotta tie in the famous Ross “Pivot!” episode. It can be found in season 5. You’re welcome.

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