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Embracing Vulnerability and Putting Yourself Out There

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

“I’d rather be adventurous and embarrassed than disengaged and flawless.” ⬅ That’s how I began the month of July on Instagram.

In that post I promised Kim Moment Mondays. The post describes these moments in more detail, but the gist of if it is that I regularly have cringe-worthy and embarrassing occasions in life and I promised to begin sharing them.

Before you write off this article as senseless, I do have a grander point. And it’s a worthy one for anybody, but especially those of us who are shy or introverted in nature.

Anytime I have taken a risk, put myself out there, tried something new, gave something a go, it has benefited me. It has boded well for me in my career, friendships, dating, marriage, and motherhood.

By nature, I am actually quite shy. Most people are shocked to hear that because I don’t come across that way. Do you know why? Because for decades now I have made the choice to go for it:

-to inject my thought into a group conversation

-to step into that circle of moms talking at the school playground

-to join in the game of tag at the park

-to apply for the job I thought I was underqualified for

Through these constant decisions, it has slowly but surely shaped me into a person who is confident enough to just try. Do I succeed all of the time? Absolutely not! That’s why I have years worth of embarrassing Kim Moment Mondays to share about. 😂

But for the most part I am glad that I made an attempt, started a conversation, or joined in the game. It is what has landed me amaaaazing jobs, formed fantastic friendships, led to opportunities with housing and travel and entertainment.

To tell the honest truth, I feel uncomfortable many days in my everyday life. But being comfortable would have meant I didn’t have gumption to go up to Senator John Thune on my flight, introduce myself, and tell him I knew he was at my conference championship basketball game in 1997. He and I engaged in a great conversation, and now every time I see him on NBC I get to say “I talked to that guy one-on-one!”

Being comfortable would have never led me to move to Chicago, where a million worlds and opportunities unfolded.

Being comfortable would have never led me to strike up a conversation with a handsome Italian man...and a year later marrying that man. 😉

So what is sitting in front of you that you are tentative about? A friendship group that has formed that you’d like to be a part of? Interviewing for a job the next level up? Joining the mostly-guy softball team that formed & being the only woman? Joining your kids’ friends on the drop slide at the water park? Speaking in front of a group of people?

Do it, do it, do it, do it. And for pete’s sake if it doesn’t go well, it doesn’t mean it’s a mistake. Take away from it what you can and then move on.

I recently listened to bestselling author and creativity coach Jeff Goins in an interview, and I couldn't agree more with his statement:

"The only thing I know how to do reasonably well is not quit. Like I'm pretty terrible at most other things. Truly. But I'm smart enough to not quit. And most of the things I’ve become pretty good at in life are a result of me simply doing that. I'm just gonna keep going. I’m not the best looking, the most talented...I'm not the most eloquent, I'm not the most skilled. But I know that if I just keep going there's something powerful in tenacity."

Yes! And same! I’m not the BEST at an awful lot of things but I AM willing to try. I love that word - tenacity.

So gals and guys, seek tenacity, seek adventure, seek challenge, be vulnerable, put yourself out there. See what happens. It may take you on the ride of your life.

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