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Be The One

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

I wrote a newsletter in May titled “Be The One.” While I usually don’t share my newsletter content to my website, I recently heard news of another acquaintance who took her life. So - my newsletter message is too important NOT to share. Here is the edition, and if you’re not currently subscribing, please do! I promise never to waste your time…. and to often include a totally random fun video at the end. 😉

Hello, friends.

Last week was rather eventful. Well, as eventful as it can get in a quarantine.

Both events tie in with one particular subject. I launched my month long theme on motherhood, celebrating different aspects of it.

My article “I See You: Moms of Special Needs Children” has been viewed over 6,500 times.💛 It clearly struck a chord.

(That was big event #1, in case you missed it. Sort of a big deal for me as a writer to have people read my work.)

The other big event is related to that one, but much more somber. The very day I wrote and posted that article, a childhood friend and mom of a severely special needs child took her life. It rocked me to my core. She was a successful dentist and such a light and always seemed to see the bright side of things, including parenting her boy. Based on her recent appearances on Facebook, you never would have guessed she was in such a world of pain.

The last thing I want to do is make this a downer newsletter, so let’s please move on swiftly to my point:

Be the one.

Be the one to call. Be the one to initiate that text. Oh my goodness, we apparently don’t always know how someone is truly doing. Yes, sometimes it will be you. Again. Being the one to initiate. Being the one to set up the Zoom call. But stop keeping score, at least during this quarantine, and just keep initiating and loving and reaching out. Everybody is coping differently during these times, so let’s not make any assumptions.

And if you’re the one in need of some comforting, again, don’t make assumptions that your friends know how YOU are doing. Be the one to just send a message to say “I could use a conversation today. Or a little extra prayer.”

It’s also one of the services that I offer, in addition to writing. If you’re interested in talking through anything, you can book a session with me on my Coaching page. This page also shows the topics I specialize in.

One person I reached out to this past week was my recently widowed 94 year old grandma, who is as sharp as she ever was. Her biggest struggle right now? That the hair salon won’t open. 💇‍♀️😀 She’s so cute.

So, who you gonna call?

Love to you,


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